I really LOVE Alex Kingston. Also River Song. I'd jump Matt Smith in a nanosecond (or let him jump me).
My OTP is River/Eleven ALWAYS.

Doctor Who. Mattex. Buffy. Anything that tickles my fancy. Frequently NSFW.

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I love Alex Kingston.


Peter Capaldi - The Sunday Times photoshoot

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Yes! And I’m his… mother-in-law.

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OMGoddess, it’s gorgeous!

River and the TARDIS!

But also Brian and River.


I love everything about this. Everything!

I’m not on my own laptop right now otherwise I’d use my “Oh, but I love it!” gif.

Thank you! You’ll be seeing the full sized versions soon. wrongdimension is about to release them so consider this a sneak peek & save the “oh but I love it!” gif for then! :)

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