I really LOVE Alex Kingston. My OTPs are River/Eleven, Claire/ Jamie. Sam/Cait.  Doctor Who. Outlander. I'd totally jump Sam Heughan - anytime, anywhere.  The beautiful Caitriona Balfe.  Buffy.  Anything that tickles my fancy. Frequently NSFW.

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I love Alex Kingston.


Sam is perfect!!! From head to toe


Jamie Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser… *sigh


I think with this the game is over…I think they are really a couple, Sam and the blondie :/

While she seems to exploit it, Sam does not look like a guy who takes advantage of such pettiness, so maybe they decided to stay together in the last period, or for the marketing had been asked to keep their love life private for a while. Again she passes, but he did not think there would have played that much.

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe | People Magazine

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Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe attending People Magazine ‘Ones to Watch’ party in LA (October 9th) [x]

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They’re both in LA….. She sure isn’t missing him that’s for sure. But what is she going to do? Not tag him in the tweet when he’s in the photo?

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I love the fact that Faith could literally get out of jail ANY FUCKING TIME but she didn’t because she wanted to do the right thing for herself and because of Angel and Buffy one of the most amazing redemption stories you’ll even see on tv

And she only left because Angel saved her life and he needed her before Angelus did something he couldnt come back from. Their friendship man, they just got each other on a different kind of level.

Faith did a lot of really problematic shit. a lot. and she is one of the few characters who ‘went evil’ who never really gets a fully off the hook  for it in the show. But she tries, my god does she try, to be better and do good and turn it around.

and then, at the end of it, She gets Buffy’s trust - and respect…and man…feels.

Faith Lehane. Buffy might be my hero, but Faith is my girl.


Word.  I’ve always loved Buffy but Faith does have my heart. Plus the subtext between those two is something else….  :D

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Did you like it?

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Is it usual, what it is between us? […]

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