I really LOVE Alex Kingston. Also River Song. I'd jump Matt Smith in a nanosecond (or let him jump me).
My OTP is River/Eleven ALWAYS.

Doctor Who. Mattex. Buffy. Anything that tickles my fancy. Frequently NSFW.

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I love Alex Kingston.

Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill on Alex Kingston (Fan Expo Canada)

  • Fan: Who was your favorite person [to work] with on Doctor Who?
  • Matt: Each other. Or K-face...I think ultimately, we were sort of spoiled with each other...
  • Arthur: ..like Alex, as well.
  • Matt: Alex Kingston, very. The most insatiable flirt on the planet.
  • Arthur: With everyone.
  • Matt: Yeah, even with herself in the mirror. It's incredible to witness.
  • Arthur and Matt: *laughing*


"Who frowned me this face?"

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One of us is lying about our basic programming.

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I’m slowly making my way through 7B, watching for River references.  The Doctor could see her, he could feel her, he could hear her and… he didn’t speak to her.  So sad for both of them.  Here are my manips so far to go with the story.

The Snowmen



The Bells of St John



The Rings of Akhaten


Cold War



You are always here to me.  I can always see you and I always listen.

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The Doctor has never been particularly interested in the opposite sex (or indeed, his own) but to his shock the first words that come to mind are beautiful, stunning. Although she rakes piercing green eyes over his form and this is followed quickly by deadly. A shiver goes down his spine. Fear, he tells himself – he will forever deny it could be excitement.

“They say you’ve been claiming you are a Doctor.”

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Alternate Monster Names

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