I really LOVE Alex Kingston. Also River Song. I'd jump Matt Smith in a nanosecond (or let him jump me).
My OTP is River/Eleven ALWAYS.

Doctor Who. Mattex. Buffy. Anything that tickles my fancy. Frequently NSFW.

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I love Alex Kingston.

You’ve saved us all, clever one. Thank you!

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Alex in Chasing Shadows trailer (x)

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You’ve been sharing clothes since the 1990s. How cute.

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Smith noticeably brightened when a fan asked what it was like to work with Alex Kingston, who played the Doctor’s love interest River Song. “She’s an absolute dream,” Smith said, “She’s everything you’d want her to be. The most sensational flirt on the planet. There’s just no one better. And if she goes and appears with Capaldi, I will bang the tables.” - Matt Smith talking about how he’s still obsessed with Alex Kingston

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I just figured out why Alex Kingston was having a photoshoot today with Ross King (TV host) and Jane Cohen (makeup artist). King is a British correspondent in LA for Lorraine on ITV. ITV must have interviewed Alex today (from LA) for a pre-premiere spot regarding Chasing Shadows (Air Date: Thursday September 4, 2014 - 9 pm GBT).

There. Mystery solved. ≧◔◡◔≦